Race Manager

Race Manager is your all in one solution to event managment from registration to results. Register, assign Bib numbers, enter results, print results and participant detail pages, all from one application. See the details on the Race Manager tab.

Dairy Management System (DMS)

DMS is an end-to-end warehouse system, from taking in the orders to directing the finalized pallets onto the correct trucks. The orders come in via a number of automated processes, including EDI, and can also be hand keyed. DMS figures out how each pallet should be built, and after the orders are assigned to loads and released (all done quite simply through the DMS interface), it controls the entire picking process. The picking process involves everything from voice units worn on the picker's belts that talk to the pickers through their headset and responds to their commands and replies, to touch screen computers mounted on fork lifts, to a third-party automated picking system that requires less human interaction and handling of the cases. DMS also includes everything else that is related, from scheduling production machines with the correct products, to invoicing the customers and all of the accounting that goes along with that.

Tin Cup

Tin Cup handles the scheduling of events for groups and/or individuals to participate in, and it coordinates the application process for those events. The events and applications are integrated, and they rely on the sophisticated relationships between the groups, sub-groups, and individuals in Tin Cup. There are a myriad of reports to help both the staff and the participants keep up with the application process, both before and after the event. And what better people to target for donations to help your cause then the people that have actually participated? Tin Cup also helps with targeted solicitation, producing mailing lists and merges, and tracking the donations, whether they were originally a participant or not, and whether they were an individual or a group (a business, a youth group, etc.).

We have done a number of projects in numerous other areas also. With your knowledge of your business, and our knowledge of software design, we can come up with the perfect solution for you. If you need new hardware and/or software to go with the project, we can take care of that too.

Other Projects/Services

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  • Hardware Advice/Consultations
  • Server Setup/Configuration
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