Race Manager - The Missing Link

Race Manager - the missing link between online registration and uploading results.  Race Manager handles everything:  importing online registration data, entering riders on site, start sheets, results entry using just Bib #s, race results, omnium results (with one click!), exporting USAC results, a one-click post-race report with all the numbers needed by the officials, and so much more, all with a simple interface.

No More Spreadsheets!!

Tired of spreadsheets?  So were we!!  Fourteen years ago was the last time we had to use a dreadful spreadsheet to manage a race.  Race Manager is a professionally-written database-driven software application with an amazingly intuitive interface, developed by a professional software developer who also races and assists promoters and officials week in and week out.


Volunteers have been trained to run Race Manager in 10 minutes.  They were not computer experts or bicycle racing experts.  Yes, it really is that simple.

See features and screen shots in the Walk-Through!

TXBRA (Texas), MOBRA (Missouri), and TBRA (Tennessee) are all using Race Manager!!

These Local Associations have adopted Race Manager for their registration and results software. There is nothing easier or faster!